The company’s Promoter & Chairman Mr. Vikas Bhat  is a industrialist and entrepreneur who has started several successful companies and is  involved in the research of wild native plants and has been discovering  and documenting Native plants on a daily basis for the past two & a half decades .

His vast collection of  Youtube Video’s on flora of India & the Western Ghats , bear testimony to his dedication and indepth Knowledge

He is currently researching for  a book on ” Rewilding your Garden “, co authoured by Mr vivek Balu .

The Company’s  Managing Director & CEO , Mr Vivek Balu ,is  a entrepreneur and has managed a number of Companies in various fields. Widely travelled Mr Vivek has spent more than three decades in his primary passion as a wild life enthusiastic , environmentalist ,  bird watcher and is committed to conservation

Has been involved in rewilding in a personal capacity as well , Currently Co authoring a book ” Rewilding your Garden “with Mr Vikas Bhat

The company’s Director Mr Shanta Manohar , brings his rich experience of over thirty years in the Public Sector as a Senior – Level Exceutive before taking up his interest in the world of Plants .

Mr Manohar a Botanist and naturalist   has rich experience in the field of Plants ,  gardens and its intricaces . Wild life and birding are his other passions .

His expertise in handlng herbal gardens and medicinal Gardens is a huge asset

Our Mission

  • To rewild forests , farms , rural and urban landscapes to make them functional & sustainable areas filled with life and positivity.
  • Partner with Government agencies to implement green projects.
  • Advise agencies to incorporate native ecosystem in new infra projects.
  • Associate with corporates to implement their CSR initiatives.
  • Provide internship to students and build suitable manpower.
  • Build good and diverse inventory of native plants by advising nurseries around the country.

Our Vision

  • Rewilding and building native and diverse ecoscapes with beautiful useful and sustainable ecosystems.
  • Be an agent to fight Climate Change and create awareness about nativity.