• Ecosystem Restoration by planting Native vegetation at all levels i.e. ground cover, herbs, shrubs and tree.
  • Design and implementation of Ecoscapes (Landscapes) which are functional and aesthetically beautiful for Corporates, Institutions, Government Departments, Airports, Railway stations, Universities, Housing complexes and Parks.
  • Design and restoration of water bodies such as ponds, lakes, water falls, and river and stream beds to blend with natural landscapes.
  • Rewilding and restoration of unused land and abandoned mines into sustainable ecosystems.
  • Irrigation systems to enable optimum water usage and water conservation. Rainwater harvesting and efficient water management systems.
  • Setting up of Themed parks and Gardens focusing on various habitats. Conservatories for conservation of native plant species.
  • Pollination gardens to attract butterflies and other beneficial insect species and birds.
  • Setting of Aquariums and Terrariums.
  • Artscaping to blend with natural landscaping.
  • Setting up Orchidarium.
  • Advise and implement changes to existing landscapes.
  • Provide annual maintenance support to ecoscapes.
  • Awareness workshops for corporates in sustainable, native rewilding .